About us



 To see the world through the “eye“ of a camera can change one´s view of life. For us, photography is not only taking photos, it is rather more the passion to be creative and to express emotions.



“Don´t shoot til the subject hits you in the pit of your stomach!” - Lisette Model (www.quotefancy.com)




That is so true! Without passion you won´t touch somebody’s heart.


Barbara is a passionate mountainbike rider (up- and downhill) loving actionsport but working as a biologist, nature is also a favorite scenery.


Harry is interested in photo techniques as well, for example, experimenting with different cuts and colors highlighting not only athletes, but also architecture or products. 




Finally, whether a photo is nice or not lies in the eyes of the viewer. Our work is an ongoing learning process and publishing our pictures on the internet is a first step ahead.




Enjoy our way to catch moments and if you like, be part of our work! We are looking forward to hearing from you!