“Don´t shoot til the subject hits you in the pit of your stomach!” - Lisette Model*


That´s so true! Only the love and the passion for something will lead to an authentic work. 


We love being outdoors and riding our bikes. Our love for that sport and for photography ended up in sport- and downhill photography. Each of us performs strong and has its own technique and perspective but together we are stronger, teamwork is our key for fast and efficient work.


For us, photography is not only shooting, it is rather more to be creative and to express emotions. Finally, whether a photo is beautiful or not lies in the eyes of the viewer. Our work is an ongoing learning process and publishing our pictures on the internet is a first step ahead. 


Enjoy our way to catch moments and if you like, be part of our future photo projects and we are looking forward to hearing from you! 


Stay tuned and ride your bike whenever you can!


Barbara & Harry


(*from: www.quotefancy.com)